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Executive Summary:

Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOFs) have attracted significant attention as a potential major source of untapped capital to revitalize under-served communities and as an outlet for investors to preserve capital gains by unlocking substantial tax incentives, while potentially generating additional investment yields.  Enacted as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Opportunity Zones program was established to encourage social advancement and private investment in low-income communities to aid job creation and new business formation.

The program incentivizes investment by allowing for a deferral of capital gains, reducing tax obligation on a portion of those gains and, most notably, allowing QOZ investments to grow tax-free. Puerto Rico Opportunity Zone Fund is a new and radical investment opportunity with a nationwide focus.

Investment Thesis:

PROZ seeks to acquire and develop a diversified portfolio of impactful and game-changing projects focusing on sustainable energy, businesses, seaweed technology processing and the development of communities after the devastation left behind from back to back hurricanes. The investments made will only be in Puerto Rico.

PROZ’s first Opportunity Zone investment will be in C-Combinator Puerto Rico LLC, which harvests the world’s most sustainable material, in ocean-healing ways such as seaweed processing.

C-Combinator researches and develops seaweed into productive and innovative products, starting with biostimulants and natural fertilizers.


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PROZ + C-Combinator

A Planet Saving Resource

Deforestation & water pollution have significantly increased nutrient runoff. In combination with warming oceans, it has normalized the explosion of seaweed blooms suffocating costal ecosystems, and disrupting communities and livelihoods.

Seaweeds grows faster than terrestrial plant, by efficiently absorbing nutrients found at sea, including CO2. That makes it an ultra-sustainable resource that can offset carbon at a global scale.

Proprietary harvesting and processing technology allows us to turn seaweed into innovative biomaterials for industries like pharma and agriculture, while avoiding or minimizing further release of harmful byproducts.

Our model is built on bringing both economic viability & regenerative potential to carbon offset & ocean de-acidification.

Biorefinery in Puerto Rico with a focus on island nations & coastal economies that are most at risk of climate collapse & resource dependence.

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